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For all your diamond drilling, sawing, cutting, grinding, crunching, bursting & breaking requirements and hydraulic power packs

and tools.

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Diamond Chain

Chain Saws available to hire or purchase. Please contact us more information 01604 767 600

Tools & Accessories

We supply diamond chain and bars for cutting concrete and other materials (including steel pipe) & to fit every diamond chain saw on the market (New & Old)


For more information and technical support contact MDS on 01604 767600 or 07831 567765


New Long Life & Fast Cutting Chain

457”, cutting depths range from 25cm to 63cm.

Guide Bars also available to purchase.

Please see our ebay shop for chain & bar prices.


Diamond chains are made to order, meeting your exact specification and needs.

Standard lengths include:

11”, 28cm, 56 segment chain

15”, 38cm, 66 segment chain

19”, 48cm, 78 segment chain

24”, 60cm, 94 segment chain

30”, 75cm, 110 segment chain

Chain saw guide bars are also available to purchase.

Diamond Chain